Our history and mission.

From a Vision to Reality

The idea of the learning centre was born when a dire need was recognized for an alternative to main stream education for students with special needs entering high school. While inclusive education was promoted in the CAPS curriculum, it was never effectively implemented at classroom level.

Much research took place and the option for children to elect to do home-schooling through the curriculum provider Impaq seemed a viable alternative. The onus for a child's education would rest with the parent. In order to assist parents and children, the learning centre would provide tutoring of select subjects and skills needed for success.

We were fortunate that our home was built on a large erf and that my husband, Derrick, not only shared my vision but also had the talent to turn ideas into terracing, buildings, desks, lockers etc. without any outside assistance.

After much hard labour and perseverance, we officially opened the doors of our home and hearts to 12 students in 2017. My two daughters, Jeanine and Olivia, one an admitted attorney and the other a high school Maths teacher joined me in 2018 when we expanded to include a FET and GED classroom.

In 2019 we reached the point where our continuous growth made it necessary to register our business as a company.

We are passionate about education and strive each day to fulfill our vision of assisting each student to reach his/her full potential - academically and personally.

~ Kathleen Salzwedel